Indulge In These Fruits For Weight Loss!

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Diet is a significant component of overall health, and if you’re looking to lose weight with diet alone, eating the right things can’t get any more important. As nature’s readymade snack, fruits are your best bet considering they are nutrient-dense while being low in calories. So without much ado, read on for the best fruits for weight loss!

Fruits For Weight Loss

#Apple Is One Of The Best Fruits For Weight Loss

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and also keeps you from eating less, thereby aiding weight loss. That’s because apples are packed with water and dietary fibre that keeps you full for long. Further, apples are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that keep you healthy by fighting free radicals; they are associated with a reduced risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. They are also said to boost the immune system and whiten teeth!

Apple Is One Of The Best Fruits For Weight Loss

Tip: Apples are versatile; eat them on their own or added to salads.

#Pineapple Is One Of The Tastiest Fruits For Weight Loss

Recent animal studies show that pineapple juice helps increase fat breakdown and decreases fat formation. It is a great choice of snack as it is high in nutrients and low on calories. It is sweet, and can thus satiate your sweet tooth, preventing you from indulging in calorie-dense treats. Pineapple is rich in bromelain, an anti-inflammatory enzyme that supports the digestion process. The manganese in this fruit effectively controls blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and regulates fat and carbohydrates in the blood, aiding weight loss.

Pineapple Is One Of The Tastiest Fruits For Weight Loss

Tip: Consume this sweet fruit in moderation to keep your diet goals on track.

#Kiwi Fruit Aids Weight Loss

Simply adding kiwi or other fruits for weight loss to your diet won’t help; eat this fruit in place of higher-calorie foods and processed foods. Kiwi pulp is not only loaded with fibre which gives a feeling of fullness, the fruit’s little black seeds too, make for a good dose of insoluble fibre which aids digestion.

Kiwi Fruit Aids Weight Loss

Tip: Eat kiwis raw or juice them, add them to smoothies, salads, or morning cereal, or use in baked goods.

#Guava Is A Healthy Weight Loss Fruit 

Guava can help you lose weight by regulating your metabolism. The fruit is rich in protein and good quality fibre, both of which take long to digest, keeping you feeling full for longer and preventing you from indulging in other unhealthy foods. Guava also has a crunchy bite to it and takes longer to eat, adding to the feelings of fullness. Additionally, raw guavas pack in less sugar than fruits for weight loss like apples, grapes, and oranges.

Guava Is A Healthy Weight Loss Fruit

 Guavas enhance digestion, aid bowel movement, and regulate metabolism.

#Supplement Your Weight Loss Diet With Fruits Like Watermelon

This refreshing fruit aids weight loss in numerous ways. It has a high water content which hydrates the body; this keeps the body from confusing thirst or dehydration for hunger. To add to this, the natural sugar content of watermelon can satiate your sweet tooth. Most importantly, this fruit contains citrulline, which is converted by the body to arginine, an amino acid that reduces the accumulation of excess fat.

Tip: Eating 100 grams of watermelon will give you only 30 calories and zero saturated fats!

#Fruits Like Oranges Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals 

Add some zest to your diet with oranges! With only 47 calories per 100 grams, this nutrient-dense fruit is not only low-calorie but a negative calorie fruit, meaning it has fewer calories than the amount required by the body to digest it. Loaded with fibre, oranges keep you full between meals. They also help in easy bowel movement, which is necessary when trying to lose weight. As per studies, the water-soluble vitamin C in oranges helps in obesity prevention and weight management. The vitamin also promotes glycemic control and increases the fat burning process, making oranges one of the best fruits for weight loss.

Fruits Like Oranges Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Tip: Oranges can not only curb hunger but also improve overall health.

#Snack On Pear Fruit To Aid Weight Loss 

Another fruit that’s rich in vitamin C, pears keep you full for longer as the fibre content gets digested slowly. This fruit is also about 84 per cent water, making it high in volume while staying low in calories. Pears also aid digestion and fight constipation, giving you a healthy gut and digestive system, both of which have been linked to weight loss.

Snack On Pear Fruit To Aid Weight Loss

Tip: This crunchy fruit is nutrient-dense and low-calorie, and can be a reliable weight loss companion!

#Fruits Like Pomegranate Helps You Lose Weight 

Pomegranate can help you meet your health and fitness goals as this fruit is packed with nutrients like dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants which play a critical role in weight loss. Polyphenols and conjugated linolenic acid in pomegranate can burn fat and boost metabolism. Pomegranate juice, along with other fruits for weight loss, can work by suppressing appetite. Also, eating the fruit can give feelings of fullness.

Fruits Like Pomegranate Helps You Lose Weight

Tip: Make this fruit a part of your daily diet to improve metabolism and speed up digestion, thus bringing about weight loss.

#Berries Are The Best Fruits For Weight Loss

Naturally sweet, berries are rich in pectin, a soluble fibre. So loading up on berries not only satiates your sweet tooth but stomach as well! Berries are also packed with antioxidants, which apart from preventing damage to cells, are linked to weight control too.

Strawberries can reduce blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal; this prevents excess sugar from being turned into fat cells. Raspberries contain a natural substance called ketones, that prevent an increase in overall body fat and visceral fat. Recent studies show that blueberries influence genes that regulate fat-burning and storage, and help reduce abdominal fat and lower cholesterol. When included in a low-fat diet, blueberries can help lower triglycerides and control blood sugar levels.

Berries Are The Best Fruits For Weight Loss

 Support healthy weight loss efforts with berries of different kinds as fruits for weight loss.

#Fruits Like Papaya Helps Shed The Kilos 

Papaya improves digestion and offers several therapeutic benefits owing to the presence of the enzyme papain. This fruit is chockfull of antioxidants, is rich in fibre, and low on calories. Some studies show that inflammation may hamper weight loss; since papaya fights inflammation, it’s a great fruit to include in your diet. It also brings about weight loss by aiding digestion, cleansing the colon, and fighting constipation.

Fruits Like Papaya Helps Shed The Kilos

Tip: If you’re looking for quick results by eating fruits for weight loss, have papaya for breakfast and as an afternoon snack every day.

FAQs: Fruits For Weight Loss

Q. What to keep in mind while buying fruits?
A. When buying fruit, avoid picking bruised or damaged produce as bacteria can easily grow in them, making the fruits less nutritious. Buy and eat fruits of varying vibrant colours so you get different phytochemicals and other nutrients from them. Consider buying in-season fruits as they’ll be better quality and less expensive. Canned fruits for weight loss are okay as long as they aren’t high in sodium and have added sugars–read labels before buying.

What to keep in mind while Buying Fruits

Q. What fruits should I avoid for weight loss?

A. Avoid high-calorie fruits and those rich in natural sugars. Examples are avocado, grapes, mango, banana, and dried fruits like raisins and prunes. If indulging in these fruits for weight loss, calculate your calorie intake and balance it out with other foods and meals.

Q. What is the right way to eat fruits?

A. To gain maximum benefits, eat fruits first thing in the morning, after having a glass of water. Avoid eating fruits right after a meal as they might not get digested properly and you might miss out on the nutrients. When snacking, keep a gap of 30 minutes between meals and fruits.

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