Improve Sex Performance: 9 Reasons for Low Sex Stamina In Male

As much as men hesitate to discuss this problem, lower sex power is an issue that most men face and are reluctant to admit the fact that they aren’t able to perform well in bed. This affects their lifestyle as well, men lose their confidence and stress over it.

First, let’s understand what leads to a lower sex drive and then we will understand whether it is possible for men to increase their sex power:

Reasons behind low libido in men are:

Stress: Stress is one of the major cause of a decreased sexual drive. Stress from work, mental stress, and personal life stress can affect your performance. Which in return may also cause more stress. Stress kills sperm production and a persons will to have sex. Your hormones, blood vessels may narrow due to situations of high blood pressure caused as a result of stress. This will probably also affect your relationship with your partner.

Low testosterone:  As we all know, testosterone is the main hormones that are responsible for building muscles and bone mass. They are also responsible for sperm production.  Lower the testosterone rate, lower the sex drive. Testosterone levels can reduce because of aging but a drastic drop in the levels can be something you should worry about. Aging is another factor behind low sex drive.

Lazy lifestyle: A lazy lifestyle not only harms your body but also kills your sex drive. Unhealthy eating, laziness, sleeping problems and many such other habits lead to a dead end where your testosterone levels are low, you are always feeling lethargic and of course, your sex drive is close to nowhere it should be. This results in an unpleasant and tiring time in bed and an unsatisfied partner.

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS): RLS is a condition where a person has an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. A person who, in no matter what situation, is constantly shaking his legs can lead to many health issues. One of the major problems that can occur is erectile dysfunction which is a state where a person is incapable of getting or maintaining erections. Erectile dysfunction is also a major reason for a lower sexual drive.

Now that we know what can be the causes behind a low sex drive. We can focus on the question, Can we improve our sex power?  The answer is yes, with several easy steps and habits you can get back your sex drive and can boost it further for a fulfilling sex life.

Healthy food to increase sex power

Live an active life: An active life where you are eating foods that help you boost your stamina is very crucial. Make sure your meals are loaded with protein. The amino acid in protein-rich foods helps our body function properly. Maintain a proper diet and do not hesitate from cutting down on ugly habits of smoking, drinking, etc. Try and keep stress away and have a proper sleep cycle as it may kill your libido.

Women & Man Exercising for active life

Befriend Exercises: Indulge in various exercises that will help you build stamina. Exercises and yoga increase vigor in your body and a person is then able to perform well in bed. It also increases the sexual drive of a person. Exercises like squats, bench press, Kegels, etc. that make your pelvic muscles strong are helpful in increasing sexual endurance and strength.

tablets to improve male sexual performance

Don’t hesitate on a dose of medication: Never vacillate to talk about your issues with a doctor and take medicinal help for your problems. It is true that issues of impotency, erectile dysfunction can be cured naturally, but medicines will only help boost the process. There are many medicines on the market like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. that have proved their worth since they were in the market and is also preferred by many men.

Also look into your medicine cabinet and make a list of the medicines you are popping because it might be the reason for your lower sex drive. Many medicines like the ones that are cholesterol-lowering drugs can kill your sexual drive. Consult your doctor for better alternatives, sans the side effects for a better sexual drive.

couples on bed with better sexual drive

Become a master of sex: Performing under pressure can also lower your sex drive. Indulge in sex only when you feel like. Being aware of your pleasure points and conveying it to your partner will help you and your partner to indulge in sexual intimacy for a longer duration. Lubrication also helps in higher endurance. Also, foreplay and not jumping directly into intercourse can help you build that sexual tension and boost up your stamina.

Trust in Ayurveda: When nothing works, Ayurveda will. Ayurvedic medicines are the best alternative to anything and they just make things better. Ayurvedic products are infused with exquisite and pure herbs and roots and have a solution for each problem.

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