Can I Take Multivitamin Supplements Daily?

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What is Multivitamins?

Multivitamins work as supplements for different vitamins and minerals that can be normally found in various foods and natural sources. These can be used in providing vitamins to our body which we don’t include in our diet. Due to vitamin deficiencies, a person may face sickness and disorders in the digestive system. Some also believe that multivitamins play an important role in improving health and helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Multivitamins are available in many forms which include tablets, capsules, chewable gummies, powders and liquids.

Different reasons to take a multivitamin

When we don’t intake enough amounts of vegetables or fruits we miss out on some essential nutrients which can lead to deficiency of vitamins. Multivitamins keep our body charged up and also provide the essential amount of vitamins or minerals that it requires. Some important reasons why we should be taking multivitamins are:

  • Healthy aging: With a person’s growing age the need for nutrition also increase. Multivitamin helps to offset deficiencies.
  • Good for heart: Multivitamin which has good quality can help in reducing cardiovascular disease. Nowadays cardiac arrest has become the main cause of death in both men and women. So, good quality of multivitamin will play a great role in cardiovascular disease.
  • Boosts immunity: Vitamin C, D and E helps in boosting our immune system. These can also help in reducing the allergies symptoms in our body.
  • Eye health: Vitamins helps in protecting our eyes from harmful light waves. To protect your eyes and keep it healthy you can take vitamin A, C and E.

Is multivitamin required for our body?

Sometimes taking multivitamins can turn into a beneficial thing for some.

If you are at risk: There are certain risk factors that a human body faces, if they have a certain amount of mineral or vitamin deficiencies then a multivitamin can be included in the daily routine.

If the diet is insufficient: If you are very selective in case of food and your body is not getting sufficient amount of nutrients you can opt for having multivitamins. Some food allergies can also eliminate food group in this case a person may include multivitamin supplements.

High-risk group: People who are facing genetic problems or having some nutrient deficiencies can take multivitamin supplements. When women face certain blood loss in the body during menstruation then there is a chance they can face vitamin deficiency. People who are physically very active require more vitamins to help their body to get enough energy.

High Stress: Excessive stress can affect your digestion and nutrient absorption. So taking multivitamin frequently can help your body.

Impact of multivitamin

Before taking multivitamins a person should always consult the doctor for knowing the impact. Some of the major impacts are:

Vitamin Deficiencies: Regular taking of multivitamin can increase the quality of life and also help you in building energy. It’s very important to choose a multivitamin which will provide you with enough nutrients to your body.

Overdose of multivitamins: Taking too much of Vitamin A, D, E and K can turn to be dangerous sometimes. High Consumption of Vitamin A and E may lead to stroke.

Eating unhealthy food: When people take multivitamin everyday he gets into the illusion that eating unhealthy food may not affect your body.

Blood sugar level gets affected: Taking more number of multivitamin can affect the blood sugar level. Sometimes chewable multivitamins may affect a diabetic patient as it contains added sugar.

Nerve damage: Sometimes overdose of multivitamins can lead to nerve damage in the body. Excessive intake of vitamin B6 can lead to toxicity and can also damage the nerve.

Kidney stones: Overdose of a multivitamin can cause you kidney stones. Presence of active metabolite calcitriol in Vitamin D can increase the digestive calcium absorption.

Multivitamins can help you in gaining energy but it cannot be taken as a substitute for balance and healthy diet. The benefits that we get from healthy lifestyles can’t be achieved from multivitamin supplements.

Natural multivitamins supplements

Multivitamin is not always the best supplement for a nutritious diet. Natural foods are high in protein and vitamins. Some best natural multivitamin supplements are:

Wild-caught fatty fish: Salmon and salmonids are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Most of the meats and fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D. These are very useful in keeping the brain healthy.

Leafy greens: Kale, spinach and broccoli are rich in vitamins A, C and K. Cruciferous veggies are also rich in sulforaphane and folic acid.

Blueberries: The berries are extra rich in antioxidants, potassium and vitamin C which supports the brain and immune system.

Orange vegetables: Sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin are rich in carotene which can be converted to Vitamin A. These are essentially beneficial for eye, immune and organ health.

Healthy fats: Avocado and olive oil are rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

Multivitamin has the presence of chemical forms in it. So choosing the right kind of multivitamin can help you in getting enough vitamins and minerals. Take the doctors consultancy before having multivitamins.

Source: medicoverhospitals

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