Diet Plans for Obese People

Obesity is generally considered home to critical diseases like diabetes, High BP, cardiac problems etc and can be controlled with proper guidance and self control.


Strictly avoid all kind of ready-made juices, shakes, ice-creams, candies, jelly, jam, bread spreads, sauces, cheese, butter, chutneys, cold drinks, chips and other preserved and canned items.

whole grain

Strictly include more of fiber rich food items like whole grain and husked pulses, Multigrain flour, sprouts, beans, peas etc.


Avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam and other starchy vegetables.


Consume more of green leafy vegetables, carrots, beetroot, pumpkin, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, ladyfingers, lettuce, and other fiber rich vegetables.


Eat oranges, apples, melons, guava, berries, and avoid banana, mango, litchi, grapes and other sugary fruits.


Moderately include almonds, walnuts and flax seeds inure diet.


Fish, chicken, egg whites can be consumed in moderation.

sunflower oil

Include healthy oils e.g. olive, mustard, sunflower oil.

deep frying

Strictly avoid deep frying food items and prefer healthy cooking options like baking, grilling, stewing etc.

lemon tea

Drink 2-3 liters water in a day; include other liquids as well e.g. herbal tea, lemon tea, lemonade, coconut water etc.

salt and sugar

Use minimum of salt and sugar during cooking.


Must do exercise, yoga, running, walking, aerobic, dancing or other workouts.

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