Does Science Support Drinking Tea While Smoking Cigarettes?

Tea and cigarette is a combination that oddly works. That is why often, you will witness smokers enjoying a cup of tea when smoking. The presence of nicotine in both tea and cigarette is not the only thing that the two have in common. Both act as calming and relaxing stimulants, which is why people enjoy smoking when sipping tea.

Here are a few reasons why consuming tea goes with cigarettes.

Nicotine and Blood Sugar Levels

  • Cigarettes contain nicotine. 
  • Smoking can cause carcinogenic diseases like oral cancer.
  • When one smokes, nicotine enters the body and gets diffused into the bloodstream. 
  • The nicotine causes a fluctuation in the blood sugar level as it affects the capacity of the body cells to use the glucose from the blood. 
  • This can cause sudden dizziness and orientation distortion.
  • Nicotine can reduce the anti-oxidant defense of the human body and cause oxidative stress.
  • Tea is one of the best anti-oxidants that is cost-effective and available in plenty in the market.
  • To rejuvenate the brain and restore activity, people resort to drinking tea that will reduce oxidative stress and also restore the brain’s activeness.
  • It has been experimentally proven that green tea has a greater effect over black tea on smokers.
  • It has also been proved by medical research that green tea and black tea prevent carcinogen-induced cell transformation in smokers.

Benefits of Drinking Tea with Cigarette

  • Nicotine reduces saliva flow and causes dry mouth symptoms. Green tea or black tea are liquids that can reduce the dryness of the mouth. 
  • Hot tea soothes the irritation in the throat caused by cigarette smoke.
  • Tea is cost effective and acts as a soothing agent to stress.
  • A study conducted on smoking pregnant women confirmed that drinking tea reduced the risks of preterm delivery.

Does Tea Reduce the Risks of Lung Cancer?

American Association for Cancer Research has published a research paper that green tea could reduce the risk of lung cancer. Since, green tea has polyphenols and anti-oxidants, they inhibit the growth of tumors (tumorigenesis). Smoking induced carcinogenesis can be reduced by drinking green tea on a daily basis. Tea also improves fat metabolism and can increase endurance in the body. 

Smoking Tea

  • Green tea cigarettes have become a trending topic across the world. 
  • Green tea’s health benefits have been used to design cigarettes that help to overcome tobacco cigarette addiction.
  • According to ongoing research, smoking green tea cigarettes has lowered anxiety in people as it interferes with neurotransmitter receptors. It contains an amino acid named L-Theanine that helps to reduce anxiety.
  • L-Theanine also helps to enhance cognition and increase focus, memory power and concentration.
  • Green tea increases body metabolism and burns fat, causing weight loss and increased briskness in oneself.
  • Green tea cigarettes do not contain nicotine and hence, are a healthier substitute.

Though green tea cigarettes are considered safe, it is a better option to drink green tea extract rather than smoking.

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