How Long should you rest between sets?

Let’s find out!! There is no fixed rule that you only need to have 1 minute or 30 second or 45 seconds rest between sets. Inter-set rest timings should be such that you are able to complete your planned rep range with planned weight on the bar for that day Someday you will have lower energy levels and someday you might feel more energetic so rest timings will also change according to your energy levels. Rest timings in isolation exercises can be as low as 30-45 seconds to 3-4 minutes between sets. Rest timings in compound exercises are generally longer compared to isolation due to greater fatigue generated during compound exercises. So it can vary anywhere between 3-4 minutes to even 8-10 minutes between the sets!! ** Again rest timing will also depend upon individual recovery capabilities between sets. So if two individuals were given same load and same number of reps there is high chance that one individual might need longer rest than other to complete the rep range with same weight for another set. ** Do not take unnecessarily long rests either that your muscles completely cool down between as that way your training will be un-optimal!

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