Dry Grapes Benefits and Uses for Health, Skin and Hair

We cannot deny that there is a huge rise in the trend of eating healthy. From celebrities to everyday folks, everyone is moving towards a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. One way to do so is, of course, to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. But don’t forget dry fruits and in particular dry grapes. These little nuggets offer a host of dry grapes benefits when consumed daily. Adding dry grapes to your diet will improve your overall health.

Dry Grapes: Good For Weight Loss

Dry Grapes For Weight Loss

For all those motivated to lose weight, turn to dry grapes for some fat loss. One of the main difficulties that arise for anyone trying to lose weight is not knowing how to stimulate our body to burn those fat cells. Dry grapes will not only help you in burning fats but will also help keep your energy levels up due to the glucose content in it. Hence, in a lot of weight loss journeys, when there is a diet restriction, one often tends to feel tired and low. Including these nuggets in your diet will make sure that you are never depleted of your energy!

Tip: When you are having any cereal, oats, muesli or cornflakes, add few dry grapes in it to satiate your sweet tooth.

Dry Grapes: Improves Overall Organ And Bone Health

Dry Grapes Improves Overall Organ And Bone Health

Free radicals, when paired with electrons in our body, can cause damage to cells, proteins, and DNA. Dry grapes, which are rich in catechins, get rid of these free radicals and improve the overall organ health in our body. And for those who don’t like milk or are lactose intolerant, dry grapes are rich in calcium! They also contain boron which is essential for calcium absorption. Boron also aids in bone formation and can prevent osteoporosis during menopause.

Tip:Make a small tiffin for dry grapes to keep at work to make sure you have at least a few every day.

Stay Young With Dry Grapes

Stay Young With Dry Grapes

They say you are what you eat. Well, luckily none of us looks like french fries but our skin, the traitor, does show the entire world exactly what you eat. So if you eat oily food, your skin might erupt with acne. If you eat healthy food, your skin will clear up. Eating dry grapes will improve the elasticity and overall texture of your skin. You can even combat hair loss with these nuggets as it promotes hair health by stimulating hair follicles. Now nothing can stop you from flaunting those luscious locks of yours.

Tip: You can add dry grapes in smoothies instead of sugar.

Winks And Smiles Of Dry Grapes

Dry Grapes Brings Winks And Smiles

Hate going to the dentist? Then, girl, you need to eat those dry grapes. They help prevent tooth decay and reduce cavities by suppressing oral bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Not only are they beneficial for your pearly teeth but also your iridescent eyes. Being rich in Vitamin A, they help protect your eyes, reducing the onset of any vision-related discomfort.

Tip: While making a protein bar, add dry grapes as one of the ingredients.

Reduce Stress With Dry Grapes

Dry Grapes Reduces Stress

If you have been feeling a little stressed then along with meditation, try having dry grapes. Rich in arginine, consuming these daily will lower your stress levels. They are also beneficial for high blood pressure patients.

Tip:Next time, when you want to stress eat, have a few dry grapes. Replacing oily foods with healthy alternatives will help you move towards having a healthy lifestyle.


How many dry grapes should I eat in a day?

How Many Dry Grapes Should I Eat In A Day

There is no such limit as such when it comes to eating dry grapes. You can have a handful a day as long as you have a balanced diet. However, if you are consuming a lot of sugar or a lot of fruits, then you might want to cut down on your dry grapes intake.

How do I use dry grapes in my breakfast?

How Do I Use Dry Grapes In My Breakfast

One way that you can have dry grapes is by having a fruit platter for breakfast. For this, you can cut half an apple, half orange, half sweet lime or any other fruit. To this, you can add four pieces of almonds, two whole walnuts or pecan nuts, a spoon of roasted flaxseed and a spoon of dry grapes with a tall glass of milk. Alternatively, along with other dry fruits, you can use dry grapes in your oats. If your morning is rushed, then you can make a breakfast jar in the night itself. Take a mason jar, add oats to it. Fill it with water till the oats level. Now add a layer of strawberries or apple or any other non-citrus fruit to it. This is because, post this layer, we will be adding a layer of curd. On top of the curd, add dry grapes and minced dry fruits. Refrigerate it overnight, and your breakfast is ready for you to carry or have while travelling. This way, you can ensure never to miss your breakfast!

Do dry grapes help with constipation?

Do Dry Grapes Help With Constipation

They most definitely do! Dry grapes have insoluble fibre that helps move food in the intestinal tract, which will eventually help relieve constipationConsuming dry grapes every day will overall help boost your digestive health.

When is the best time to eat dry grapes?

Ideally, you should consume dry grapes and dry fruits first thing in the morning. This gives a healthy start to your body. But you can also have it as a snack in between meals so as to avoid binging on chips or junk food

How do I make a protein bar with dry grapes?

How Do I Make A Protein Bar With Dry Grapes

First, blend dates with two tablespoons of water in a mixture as they will be the binding agent for your bar. Next, roast in a pan all the dry fruits, seeds and nuts that you would like in your bar. These can be almond, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds or any other dry fruits or seeds you would like to add in your bar.

In another pan, start heating the paste (dates) from the blender on a low flame. Make sure you keep stirring this paste to avoid it getting stuck or burnt. It will be ideal to use a pan with a thick base for your bars. As the paste thickens, add your roasted dry fruits and seeds along with dry grapes to this mixture along with a spoon of honey and a pinch of salt. In some time, you will see that they have started binding together, and it is now difficult to stir. This will be the ideal time to take it off the pan. Ready a baking tray with a butter paper. Empty the mixture on to this tray and spread it evenly so that it covers the dish. Let it cool for two hours or so. Once it has cooled and solidified, cut it in perpendicular lines and voila! Your energy bars are ready for you!

Are there any disadvantages of eating dry grapes every day?

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Eating Dry Grapes Every Day

You should ideally eat all fruits and vegetables for a healthy balanced diet. However, when we intake a lot from one food category, or we consume one particular food in large quantities, we might topple the scale of a balanced diet. Hence it is essential to consume everything in limited quantity.

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