Cold Milk vs Hot Milk – Which Is Healthier?

Unless you are lactose intolerant, you have certainly been reminded as a child to finish your milk before doing anything else. Milk is such an essential part of our day that we almost feel incomplete without it. It is the perfect drink that is high in micro-nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc, riboflavin, and several proteins and vitamins. It is also a versatile beverage that can be taken in many delicious ways and used in several preparations. While most people enjoy their milk warm, some love a glass of chilled milk. Here we explain the goodness that can be reaped from drinking cold milk and hot milk.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Milk

Hot milk is a favourite amongst Indian mothers. Here are some benefits of hot milk:

Benefits of Hot Milk

1. Hot Milk Promotes Good Sleep

Hot milk consumed at night can help fight insomnia. Milk contains an amino acid known as tryptophan that aids in inducing sleep and is activated when the milk is warm. This can induce a feeling of relaxation and sleep and is definitely one of the benefits of hot milk at night.

2. It Helps Prevent Digestive Discomfort

Hot milk is digested effortlessly by the human body. This makes it a beverage that can prevent digestive uneasiness like bloating and diarrhoea.

3. Milk Has Antibacterial Properties

Milk can do wonders when combined with other natural ingredients. Hot milk and honey together have been known to have an antibacterial effect, especially on the staphylococcus bacteria. This makes it a wonderful natural remedy for respiratory ailments like a cough and the common cold.

Benefits of Hot Milk

4. It Warms the Body

Hot milk can warm the body. It can be had on cold winter days to raise the body’s internal temperature. Having hot milk in the form of tea or coffee gives you an energy boost in the morning.

5. Warm Milk Reduces Stress Levels

Hot milk has a protein known as lactium which can help in lowering blood pressure. Milk also contains potassium which aids in muscle relaxation. This helps to relieve muscular tension and stressed nerves. Warm milk is also known to alleviate symptoms of PMS in women.

6. It Can Flush Away Toxins

Hot milk before bedtime has the propensity to flush out facial toxins. This helps increase your facial glow while the body is resting. Hot milk with turmeric is also widely known to relieve throat infections and flush out toxins from your body to help fight off bacterial infections.

Benefits of Drinking Cold Milk

Some of the advantages of cold milk are listed below:

Benefits of Cold Milk

1. Aids in Relieving Acidity

The best-known benefits of cold milk for the stomach are as a remedy to acid reflux or stomach ulcers. The high calcium content reduces acid build-up. It also absorbs acids that are produced in a surplus and relieves symptoms of extreme acidity.

2. It Is Great for Skin

Cold milk is a wonderful cleanser that provides skin with the required proteins while clearing and toning it.

3. Hydrates the Body

Cold milk is packed with electrolytes and is a wonderful way to keep your body hydrated and energised during the day.

Benefits of Cold Milk

4. It Can Be an Energy Booster

Having a glass of cold milk in the morning can keep you energised throughout the day because it is packed with micro-nutrients and electrolytes as well. But drinking cold milk at night can elevate digestive discomfort and is best avoided before bedtime.

5. It Can Help Maintain Weight and Fight Hunger Between Meals

A high dose of calcium in milk helps boost metabolism which, in turn, can help you burn calories. Also, the body burns required calories in trying to adjust body temperature to that of the cold milk, thereby helping you maintain your weight. It is also a healthy beverage to fight hunger pangs without adding unhealthy calories. Milk is the best snack you can have between meals. It fights off hunger pangs and keeps you from snacking on those calorie-laden munchies that you usually reach for between two meals.

Which Milk is Better, Hot or Cold?

Both hot and cold milk have their respective advantages and disadvantages. However, you would want to consider the suitability according to climate, time of the day, and your body’s own tolerance of milk.


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the consumption of milk:

1. Does Cold Milk Have More Calories in Comparison to Hot Milk?

There is a negligible difference in calorific value because of the temperature difference.

2. Which Milk is Good for Weight Loss, Cold or Hot?

While warm milk is a healthy and nutritious drink, the calcium in cold milk helps increase metabolism which in turn helps break down fat efficiently.

3. Which is More Beneficial, Protein with Cold or Hot Milk?

Protein mixed in hot or cold milk is equally beneficial. However, the protein will dissolve better in hot milk while it might be quite the task to mix it to cold milk.

Milk is the best beverage you can have, and it is an undisputed super-food that is very versatile in its use. If you are not lactose intolerant, make the best use of this beverage and drink your way to health!

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