4 sure-fire ways to overcome fitness procrastination

 fitness procrastination

Last minute and eleventh hour have typically been your favourite kind of timings when it comes to projects, work, studies or family commitments, because of course ‘procrastination’ has been ruling your life for the longest time.

You set your alarm for 5 AM the next day and the morning just when the clock ticks 5 and the alarm rings you know where to put your hands next  – the snooze button!

The first thing you do in the morning is procrastinate. This is how it starts and continues throughout your day. And that is your day’s, err, life’s story summed up in a line. But you know what, procrastination is like credit card, it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.

But worry not, we’ve got hacks to help you kick fitness procrastination out of your life. Read on.

1. Start small, even as small as say, 10 minutes

Your favourite procrastination excuse of not having time for exercise is now gone and once you’ve started, trust us, this good habit will be hard to get rid of.

2. Follow fitness blogs/motivational videos whenever you find time – Stay motivated

This will keep your motivation levels high. And here’s why it’s important. Procrastinators are generally creative and passionate (according to research and Adam Grant’s TED talk theory). Once you’re motivated and passionate, you won’t skip your workout sessions.

3. Dedicate fixed timings to your newly set fitness routine

Motivation gets you started, but commitment is what keeps you going. Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality, Abraham Lincoln once said.

So, commit a particular time in the day for your fitness routine and you’re sure to get your stuff aligned.

4. Don’t go all nerdy on fitness. Make your workout fun

As creative as we procrastinators can get, think of fun workout ideas so that you look forward to your session the next day too. By the way, you could also try dancing your procrastination away!

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