Protein Supplements: Putting Popular Myths To Rest

We’ve been discussing whey protein and other bodybuilding supplements for weeks now and the only thing that’s clear is the fact that nothing is quite clear. There is still some confusion around protein supplements and their benefits that needs to be dealt with. Today, we tackle some common misconceptions that plague minds across the globe.


What People Think: It will make me look too bulky

Real Picture: When people think about whey, they instantly picture ripped bodies and bulging muscles. Some women maintain their distance from whey protein due to this reason alone. The truth is that whey protein is responsible for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. You will have to do a lot of weight training to start looking bulky. If you indulge in the right exercise regime, whey will only make you look lean and healthy – never bulky.

What People Think: If there is enough protein in my diet, I don’t need supplements

Real Picture: The food we eat today doesn’t even bring us close to our daily requirement. Wrong portion sizes and irregular eating patterns lead to a deficit which can be covered up only with supplements. Even if you’re eating a particularly protein rich diet, you can benefit from different amino-acids that powders have in abundance and are seldom consumed through food.

What People Think: Proteins will damage my kidneys

Real Picture: Whey protein haters have spread this rumour long enough but apparently science disagrees. A number of studies have been conducted regarding this misconception and none of them have proved that increased protein intake damages kidneys. So, unless you consume a ridiculously high dosage or already suffer from kidney disease, you’re in the clear.

PS – Drink a lot of water while you’re on whey. That is all you need to do to keep your digestion process going smoothly.

What People Think: Protein will weaken my bones

Real Picture: is quite the contrary. Protein actually strengthens your bones by promoting the absorption of calcium in the digestive tract. So, your bones get calcium in abundance while your muscle basks in the goodness of protein.

What People Think: It will make me fat

Real Picture: This is the partial truth. Your body will treat whey the way it treats carbs unless you burn it. Working out is imperative while you’re taking proteins. If you’re burning the fat the right way, protein will only cheer you on and not bring you down.

What People Think: I will face a lot of side effects

Real Picture: Again, only an excess will harm you. The contents of a protein supplement are mostly substances that occur naturally in your body (such as BCAACreatine and Glutamine). You are only making up for deficiencies and not harming your body by consuming them. Unless you are forcing a tub a day down your throat, you can completely brush off the side effect anxiety.

With these popular myths busted, you can buy your next tub of supplements without thinking twice. Happy gains to you!

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