Keep This in Mind For Sex During Your Period

Sex during period can be either a turn-off or an exciting affair. It all depends on how you take it, and how safe you are while enjoying a different kind of pleasure. With the right precautions in place, you can enjoy “we’ moments in these “red flag” days too!

While there are many women who would feel nauseated at the idea of having sex while menstruating, there are a few who don’t care! They would rather go with the mood and consider sex as sex. They have no qualms about staining bed sheets or couches as long as their partners are using protection. Here, we take a look at what’s right and what’s not while having sex on your period.

How Safe is Sex during Menstruation

What’s Good About it?

Like many others, you probably seek comfort in a cup of cocoa, curl up with a hot pack or line up painkillers to see you through your periods. But then, there are women who find themselves having sex in this period too. Apart from the enjoyment factor that comes courtesy lubrication, they feel that safe indulgence during these days eases out their discomfort. Orgasm provides relief to the tension and cramps that periods get. For some, sex helps in soothing menstruation-related irritability and headaches too.

Sex During Periods, is it Permitted?

Gynaecologists and other health care experts generally permit sex in the course of the menstrual cycle. This is especially true when the flow is of moderate quantity. Interestingly, with all safety aids in place, some women get more aroused during this period. This is probably due to the fact that menstruation is linked with a general feeling of fullness in one’s genital area.

Is Sex during Period Safe?

The safety quotient of sex during menstruation is completely dependent on whether the couple is free from STDs, uses protection, or does not have any blood-borne diseases. Put in other words, the risks involved are quite similar to unsafe sex at other times. The cervix opens up to permit free passage of blood during menstruation. This makes a woman more vulnerable to STIs. Also, there is a strong likelihood of blood-borne infections (if any) being passed on to the partner. Yeast infections are also common during menstruation as the vagina’s pH balance changes at this time. It would be best to ensure the usage of condoms or other protective aids and maintain the utmost levels of personal hygiene as well.

Can You get Pregnant after Having Sex during Periods?

Weird as it may sound, the truth is that it’s not impossible for the released sperm to survive long enough in a woman’s body to make her pregnant. Though unlikely in most cases, there have been freak incidences of eggs being released even while a woman is menstruating, so take care!

In a nutshell, enjoying safe sex while going through your periods depends upon your comfort with the idea. Go ahead if you wish, but remember to keep condoms handy and a stain remover around the corner!

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