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Everyone wants a perfect smile. Your smile expresses your emotions. Yellow, discoloured or stained teeth prevent you from smiling as they make you feel self-conscious. However, do not worry, as you are not alone. Teeth staining is a common problem experienced by millions of people. Stains in teeth can be superficial (extrinsic) or deep (intrinsic). Here, we will be talking about only superficial tooth discolouration.  

Staining of teeth can be treated by teeth whitening procedures. Procedures can include teeth whitening done by dental professionals and  teeth whitening remedies at home.1 

teeth whitening home remedies

Teeth whitening is a bleaching process to remove the yellow colour of teeth. Bleaching may also make the enamel whiter and more reflective. Teeth whitening products include chemicals like carbamide and hydrogen peroxide, which only dental professionals are certified to use. These techniques might be expensive as well as damaging to the teeth.2 

In this blog, we bring you the natural ways to whiten your teeth. For this, you may use certain fruits and other ingredients readily available in your kitchen. So, continue reading to find the home remedies for teeth whitening. 

What Causes Teeth Discoloration

Teeth discolouration may be caused due to: 

  • Crowding of teeth resulting in plaque build-up3 
  • Trauma or injury to teeth3 
  • Lack of proper oral hygiene3 
  • Use of tobacco3 
  • Smoking2 
  • Drinking excess coffee, tea, cola or red wine2 
  • Using excess fluoride or antibiotics (particularly tetracycline) during the teeth forming stage.2 

Trauma or injury to teeth results in deeper stains which cannot be treated by teeth whitening.  

Signs of Teeth Discoloration: 

The following signs may be observed: 

  • Teeth staining 
  • Discoloured teeth 
  • Yellow teeth enamel.1 

Home Remedies for the Teeth Whitening: 

Simple kitchen ingredients offer several natural ways to make teeth white at home.

1. Papaya 

Raw papaya might be a good bleaching agent because it contains papain and chymopapain enzymes. These enzymes are found in unripe papaya more than in ripe papaya. Papain enzyme may be able to remove the superficial stains of the teeth and reduce the plaque development in the teeth.4,5 

You may use unripe papaya as a home remedy for teeth whitening. Wash the papaya and remove the peel and seeds. Blend the flesh into a blender. Squeeze the pulp using a mesh cloth and use the juice obtained with hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse to bleach your teeth. Unripe papaya might be used as a non-abrasive (mild) whitening agent.5

Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. It may act as a natural stain remover. It may help remove the dental plaque build-up and the superficial stains of the teeth.4 

2. Pineapple 

Pineapple may be used for teeth stain removal at home. You may eat pineapple as a raw fruit or may be used it to prepare pineapple juice. To make pineapple juice, wash it thoroughly with water, remove the peel and chop it into small pieces. Take half volume of water into the blending jar and add the chopped pineapple. Blend until a smooth puree is formed; strain and discard the pulp and use the juice. Add ice cubes and a pinch of salt and sugar if needed.  

3. Strawberries 

Strawberries contain malic acid, which might be a natural teeth enamel whitener. It may have anti-cariogenic properties (may reduce tooth decay). It may also increase saliva production.4Crush one or two strawberries to make a puree, add half a teaspoon of baking soda and mix well. Apply this mixture to your teeth, let it sit for a while and rinse it off before brushing with your regular toothpaste. 

4. Banana peel 

We all eat bananas and throw away the peel. Those peels are loaded with essential minerals like magnesium, manganese and potassium. These minerals get absorbed into tooth surface, making them appear white.4So, before throwing away banana peels, use them to whiten your teeth. 

You may rub your teeth with the underside of the banana peel. Once rubbed, allow it to sit for at least ten minutes. Next, take a fresh dry toothbrush and work on your teeth. Once done, brush out the peel and do your regular brushing using toothpaste. Do this routine and observe the results. 

Lemon extract and peels may be used for teeth whitening. They contain a high amount of citric acid, which may have a bleaching action.’  Lemons may also have antibacterial properties that might help in reducing dental plaques.4 

5. Lemon  

You may use lemons in two ways; rubbing lemon peel onto the stained teeth, and squirting the lemon juice on the discoloured teeth.  

6. Dairy products 

The dairy products might act as a natural enamel whitener. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc., are good sources of lactic acid and might be useful for destaining the teeth and increasing saliva production in the mouth.4Thus, dairy products might be effective home remedies to whiten your teeth. So, do not skip your milk; drink it daily to avoid your pearlies from turning yellow. 

7. Activated charcoal 

Activated charcoal may be used as a beneficial home remedy for teeth whitening. Activated charcoal may have a negative charge and bind to the positively charged dental plaque on the teeth surfaces. Hence, activated charcoal might be absorbed over the tooth surfaces resulting in the whitening of discoloured teeth.4 

You may use marketed activated charcoal in the form of powder. Mix the charcoal powder with water to make a paste and use it to brush your teeth. 

8. Rock salt 

Rock salt may be used as an effective yellow teeth remedy. Rock salt might be a mild cleaning agent to remove superficial stains. These salts may increase the pH of the saliva, thus increasing antibacterial activity.4You may sprinkle a pinch of rock salt on your regular toothpaste and use it to brush your teeth. Regular brushing with rock salt might be the best remedy for teeth whitening. 

9. Baking soda 

Baking soda is easily available in our kitchen. It might be a useful ingredient for teeth whitening. Baking soda is less abrasive (less harsh) to the teeth. Toothpaste made from baking soda may be the most effective home remedy for teeth whitening.1 

Baking soda paste for teeth whitening might be helpful in overcoming teeth discolouration. You may combine a teaspoon of baking soda with a little amount of water to prepare a paste and then utilise it to brush your teeth with circular motions, followed by thorough rinsing with water. 

10. Oil pulling 

Oil pulling is a traditional technique which includes swishing oil in the mouth. This technique is time-consuming and might be effective gradually. You may use coconut, sunflower or sesame oil for oil pulling. Take one teaspoon of oil and swish it around your mouth for about 20 mins a day. This process may be used to improve oral hygiene in general.1 

Though various studies show the benefits of the given herb and home remedies in teeth whitening, these are insufficient. Therefore, there is a need for large-scale human studies to establish the true scope of the benefits of these home remedies on human health. Thus, these should only be taken cautiously and never as a substitute for medical treatment. 

When to Seek Medical Help:  

  • You may consult a dentist if you require teeth whitening procedures to be done. 
  • You may seek medical attention if you have side effects such as sensitive teeth or gum irritation after doing the power bleaching procedure on your teeth.2 

You must not rely on home remedies alone to treat teeth discolouration. Instead, you should consult a qualified doctor for advice on teeth whitening procedures if the signs do not improve with home remedies.  


Teeth whitening is a process that involves the bleaching of teeth. It gives dull-looking teeth a shiny and whiter appearance. However, the teeth whitening procedures are short-lived, less effective and might be risky. Therefore, it is better to try a few natural home remedies for teeth whitening. Fruits such as pineapple, papaya, strawberries and banana peel might help whiten teeth naturally. Baking soda, activated charcoal, coconut, sunflower, sesame oil, and dairy products are some other kitchen ingredients. However, you should consult a dentist if you are considering teeth whitening. They will be the best person to guide you in this process. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who should avoid teeth whitening procedures? 

Teeth whitening procedures are not recommended if you have sensitive teeth, cracks or exposed dentin, gum disease and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.2 

What are the alternatives for teeth whitening? 

The alternatives for teeth whitening procedures include using teeth whitening toothpaste, frequent teeth cleaning by dentists and dental restoration such as crowns and veneers.2However, you may need a qualified dentist to carry out these procedures. 

What are the benefits and risks associated with teeth whitening procedures?  

Teeth whitening procedures might help change the appearance of discoloured teeth, but it is temporary. It may be cheaper; however, it accompanies certain side effects such as irritation of gums and tooth sensitivity.2 Therefore,  you must consult a dentist and check if your teeth are suitable prior to considering these procedures. 

Can we use banana peel for teeth whitening? 

Yes, you may use banana peel for teeth whitening. They contain minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, etc., which get absorbed into teeth surfaces, making them look white.4 

What are the factors causing teeth staining/discolouration? 

Various products such as tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and antibiotics might cause staining of teeth. These products contain chromogens (dyeing substances) that may get attached to the teeth resulting in the formation of brown or black patches on teeth enamel.5 


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