9 foods you should NEVER have with milk, according to Ayurveda

1. Foods you should NEVER have with milk, according to Ayurveda

We often worry about what to eat when but a very big factor that most of us tend to overlook is the right food pairing. While in textbooks milk is called as a whole food, we all love to pair milk with our favourite cookies, fruits and sometimes even with proper meals. But if we go by Ayurveda, milk can turn out to be a disaster when had with the wrong combinations.

2. ​What are wrong combinations

According to Ayurvedacharya Dr Pratap Chauhan, “A lot of people have milk and bananas together and consider it a meal. But Ayurveda prohibits this combination.” Further elaborating, he said, “Incompatible foods are harmful. Agni, or the digestive fire in the human gut is responsible for digesting foods that we eat. Similar to a normal fire, it gets affected by accelerants and inhibitors. For instance if you added fuel to a fire, it would burn faster and water would extinguish it. The internal fire (Agni) works in a similar fashion. When we eat things that overload Agni, the digestion process becomes weak. This leads to formation of ama (toxins) which is the basis of all diseases.” Agni becomes weak when you mix incompatible foods. Milk is a nutritious food that is very nutritious as long as you don’t mix it with incompatible items. Below are the foods you should not have with milk:

– Bananas

– Cherries

– Any sour fruit (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tamarind, amla, green apples, plums, star fruit, pineapple, etc)

– Yeast containing items

– Egg, meat and fish

– Kitchari

– Yogurt

– Beans

– Radish

3. ​The best way to have milk

The simplest and best way to drink milk, preferably fresh cow milk, is on its own. Honey, jaggery or sugar enhances taste and nutritional value. Add these to your liking, but try not to mix anything else.

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