Top 7 herbs that can bring down sperm count and affect fertility in men

These herbs reduce sperm count and affects fertility in men.

Infertility and low sperm count are a great concern for men these days. While smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, hormonal imbalance, stress, medications for blood pressure, anti-psychotic drugs and more, certain antibiotics, exposure to radiations, high levels of pesticides, toxins and illegal drug abuse play conventional roles in reducing fertility and sperm count among men, there are certain herbs which are natural sterility inducers. Let us go through some of the plants that can potentially reduce fertility in men and keep them away from the thrill and happiness of parenthood. While experts say intaking these herbs in smaller quantity do not affect male fertility much, consumption of the same in large amount can certainly affect your fertility. 

Garlic: Men should absolutely avoid having raw garlic as it reduces testosterone secretion and production of new sperms, revealed a study. 

Many medicinal plants are designed to improve health but their mechanism of action remains not clear. Among these plants, garlic (Allium sativum) has attracted particular attention of modern medicine because of its widespread use for the prevention and treatment of some human diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. However, the impact of garlic on the male reproductive system has not been clearly defined. Some studies have reported that garlic improves male sexual function and has beneficial effect in the recovery of testicular functions. However, other authors have shown that this plant impairs testicular functions (such as inhibition of testosterone production) and has spermicidal effect on spermatozoa. In this review, we attempt to clarify the current ambiguity regarding the effects of garlic and its preparations on the male reproductive system.

Neem: While Neem is known to be the king of herbs in Ayurveda with an array of health benefits, it, in excessive quantity, is not good for male fertility and is anti-fertile for males

Papaya seeds: While raw papaya is a big no-no for would be mums since days, papaya seeds having ability to induce sterility among men is less heard of. But it is true. Papaya seeds act as natural contraceptive for men, studies have shown.

Bitter Gourd: While it is a bliss for diabetic patients, bitter gourds have severe impact on male fertility. These are active sterility inducers among men and adversely affect sperm count in men.

Mint: When tested on rats, peppermint has been found to curb the key male reproductive hormone, testosterone and enhance female reproductive hormones like Folice Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Leutinising Hormone (LH). Studies show that spearmint can reduce serum testosterone, sperm count and sperm mobility but increasing female reproduction hormones in women. Hence, men should avoid regular mint consumption, although their partners can very well go for it.

Bilva Leaf or Bel Leaf: They curb testosterone levels and reduce density and mobility of sperms in male rats.

Clove: When consumed in whopping quantity, clove can reduce sperm production in men.

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