Is chest and biceps a good combo ? What is good muscle group to work with chest?

Is chest and biceps a good combo

Is chest and biceps a good combo

Yes, you can do chest and biceps together. It is not that it is the perfect combo, in workout nothing is written in books that this exercise is best with this. But besides there are some guidelines that you should follow, the combination of pull and push, pull and pull, push and push are three ways in which you can frame your workout. You can also train triceps with biceps which makes a push and push combo. Training triceps with the chest is more simple and the best combo if you don’t want to shock your muscles. 

A lot of people train chest and triceps together because in chest you use the triceps muscle to push the weight off your chest. If you do biceps with the chest then it makes a push and pull combo means you train different movements. Training chest and biceps together is not bad, and you can totally put it in your workout routine. If you want to keep it easy and simple then train triceps and chest together. 

What is good muscle group to work with chest?

Chest and triceps(push, push) 

As discussed above you can train triceps and chest together. Or you can train biceps with chest. 

While doing so you should also avoid training chest with another big muscle group for example- legs or back. 

Chest and shoulder (push, push) 

Another muscle group you can train with chest is shoulder. While doing chest exercises shoulder and triceps are another two muscle groups that play a major role. If you do bench press or incline press then you already are using shoulder muscle. 

When you train two muscle groups at once, you should make the big muscle your priority. It means, first you should always train the big muscle, in this case, it is the chest, and then go to the small muscle shoulder, triceps, or biceps. 

Chest shoulder and triceps (push, push, push) 

If you are intermediate or on an advanced level then you can break some rules and train three muscle groups at once. If you are not on an advanced level or don’t have any specific gym goal then you should avoid training three muscle groups at once. When you train three muscles together, follow the pattern of big muscles first. In this case, first, you should train chest, then go to shoulder and in the last train the smallest muscle which is triceps. 

Incline press

Start with incline press. For perfect form, you can use the Smith machine. 

You have to do 4 sets with 8 to 12 reps. In each rep increase the weight on the bar. You have to make sure your muscle is fatigued when your sets are over. 

For proper form and to prevent any misbalance take help from any person. 

Last set you can do as a drop set. Drop set will increase the intensity of your workout and make your chest muscle fatigue fast. 

Machine flyes (3 sets) 

Second, you can do machine flyes. Do at least 10 to 12 reps for 3 sets. 

Try to take less rest between this exercise to keep the intensity high. 

Decline press(2 sets) 

Third and the last exercise for your chest is the decline press. Do 2 sets of decline press for 8 to 10 reps. 

Do overdo any exercise because you need the energy to perform other biceps exercises. 


EZ curls

Start with EZ curls. But first, make sure to warm up your bicep muscle with an empty barbell. 

Do 4 sets of EZ curls with a minimum break. You can keep the last as a drop set. 

Hammer curls 

Second move to hammer curls and do 3 sets of this exercise for 10 reps each. 

Reverse curls

The last exercise for the day would be reverse curls. Do 2 sets of reverse curls with 10 to 12 reps each. 

Above is the routine for the chest and biceps combo first time of the week. For the second time, you can keep the exercises short and increase the sets of the exercise. This way, you will shock the muscle and hit most of your chest and biceps muscles. 

Second option for chest and bicep combo

Bench press (4 sets) 

Bench press is heavy exercise and you can increase the weight on every rep. Do 4 sets of bench press for 8 to 10 reps and also increasing the weight at every set. 

Incline dumbbell press or cable press(4 sets) 

Next, you have two options either do the incline dumbbell press or do cable squeeze. Just like bench press, you have to do 4 sets of this exercise for 12 reps each. This will also be your last chest exercise for the day. 


Barbell curls or dumbbell curls

Start your bicep exercise with curls. You can perform it with a barbell or dumbbell. From both barbell is the best option because the balance remains perfect in the barbell. 

Do 4 sets of this exercise for 10 to 12 reps. The last set you can keep as a drop set. 

Workout routine for chest and biceps combo

If you are hitting chest and biceps twice a week then you can keep the exercises different for both days so that you can work on every small muscle group of your heat or biceps. 

Start your workout by warming up. Warm-up is very important to increase the blood flow in your body before your workout to prevent stretch marks and soreness. You can bench press with an empty barbell as a warm set. Or you can warm up by doing pushups. If you feel your muscle is tight and the movement is less on that day, then stretch your muscles with static and dynamic movement. When it’s your chest day you want to warm up your chest, shoulders, and triceps before jumping into the real weights. 

What is a good muscle group to work with biceps?

Just like the chest there some muscle groups that you can train with biceps. Biceps is a small muscle and you can train it with any big muscle or you can train it with another small muscle group. There are many ways to train your biceps with other muscle groups and today I will discuss all with you. But first I will list the best muscle groups that make a perfect combo with biceps. 

Back and biceps

This is the best combo if you want to train your biceps with another muscle group. Back is a pull exercise and it uses the strength of your biceps to move the weight. Just like back biceps is also a pull exercise and though your biceps is already warmed up with the back exercises, you just have to out hit the muscle and get the pump flowing by doing biceps exercises. 

If you are already doing this combo and have been using the same pattern for a long time, you may not get the desired results. In that case, you can change the muscle group with another muscle group to shock the muscle. Our body is wired to the routine and when you perform the same thing again and again, after reaching the peak you may see no results. So, that time you want to shock the muscle with new exercises and variations. 

Chest and biceps

Another combo is to train chest with biceps, which is a pull and push combo as discussed already. If you want to switch the exercises and have been following someone’s other combo routine for a long, then you can change that with this combo muscle group routine. Though chest is a push exercise and uses your triceps as a helping muscle in performing sets like – bench press or incline. But you can shock your muscle by adding pull exercise which is bicep in your workout routine. 

What really happens if you train two muscles at one time? 

The main objective of training two muscles at the same time is to train one muscle twice a week if you are on a beginner or intermediate level. It also depends on the goal of the person. If your goal is to increase strength then also you can train two muscles at one time. Training two muscles also good for people who don’t have time to go to the gym every day, by doing exercises in a combo they can exercise for 3 to 4 days and then take rest for 2 days. 

But the main reason why every gym person after some months shift from a single muscle day to two muscles day is to increase the size or build the muscle. Yes, after some time your muscle growth stops and you need to change your routine and also have to increase the intensity of your workout. That is why you see a lot of people training one muscle twice a week so that it can grow. 

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