Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia): 12 Benefits of Giloy and How To Use It

Just as bitter love is better than sweet hate, there are several herbs and herbal medicines that might not taste very pleasant but they sure are so much better for your health. Talking about the bitter herbs and medicines, we have beautifully embraced the harsh and cruel tasting neem, karela and even aloe vera for the benefits they bestow upon us. So now, it’s time to know about Giloy, which may not even be as bitter and crabby as the rest of them.

Call it Giloy, Guduchi, Amritavalli, or Tinospora Cordifolia, as it is scientifically named; the stem of this beautiful leafy climber plant is documented very well in our Vedas. Lets study in detail about its various benefits for a human body and best-suited practices for its application.

1. Immunomodulatory – For your Liver’s Wellbeing

Giloy has been recognized as an effective immunity booster that increases the white blood cell count in your body, preparing your body to robustly fight against infections, allergies and diseases. Immunity is a major concern in our generation, but Giloy is the real savior here. Soak 4-5 inches of Giloy stems in water overnight and consume the water on an empty stomach in the morning. You can reuse the stems for a couple of times.

2. Senolytic – To defy Age

Giloy promotes longevity, memory, improves your overall health and restores youth not just in health but also of your skin and hair. Its anti-ageing properties reduce signs of aging by vanishing your fine lines and dark spots, wrinkles and even pimples. This herb works magically when consumed consistently. The water from soaked Giloy should be consumed 30 minutes before your breakfast.

girl drinking giloy soaked water

3. Broncholidator – To Fight Respiratory Infections

Giloy is helpful in relieving various respiratory infections, Asthma, Bronchitis and chronic cough. It liquefies the mucous and strengthens your mucous membrane, making recovery faster and effective. Make a Giloy tea by boiling a few stems in water until it reduces to one-fourth. You can consume this tea or Kaadha lukewarm to sooth and pacify your respiratory system.

4. Hepatoprotective – To Boost Liver Function

Our liver functions to cleanse our body but sometimes needs its own cleansing too. Giloy can improve your liver function, detoxify your body and cure fatty liver. That’s not all; this magic herb also holds potential to regenerate damaged liver tissues. Consume giloy soaked water or kaadha to benefit your liver from it.

5. Cardioprotective – Loves your Heart

Benefits of Giloy also includes protecting and caring for your heart and heart health. From high cholesterol level and Atherosclerosis to general heart weakness, Giloy plays its role to protect your heart.

6. Analgesic – Improves Digestion

Giloy strengthens your digestive system and prevents colic, hyperacidity, loss of appetite, vomiting and indigestion, worm infestations, abdominal pain and many more digestion related disorders. That’s the reason why giloy powder is used in various digestive powders or Churans popular in India.

7. Antiinflammatory – To Reduce Pain and Swelling

Be it arthritis, gout or general swelling, the anti-inflammatory properties of this stem relives pain and swelling for your joints and body in general.

8. Febrifuge – To Bring Down High Fever

Guduchi or Giloy has shown tremendous results in reducing high fever, intermittent fevers and common flu during season shift. Kaadha is the best way to consume giloy in fever. It will also improve the appetite of the patient.

9. Aphrodisiac – To Promote Sexual Health

The aphrodisiac benefits of Giloy might not be commonly known, but they are immense. Several sexual health issues such as loss of libido, impotency and involuntary ejaculation can be cured with regular consumption of giloy for a few months.

10. Ophthalmology – Improves Vision

Giloy is also beneficial in improving your eyesight. For this benefit, you do not need to consume it, instead, make natural eye drops by boiling giloy leaves in water and put a few drops in your eyes once cooled down.

11. Rejuvenator (Rasayana) – Detoxification

Probably due to its liver cleansing properties, it also cleanses and rejuvenates your skin, lightens skin complexion and improves skin health and natural glow.

Youthful girl

It is also an ingredient in bestselling skin cleansing syrups. Giloy oil can be applied on skin for fast results.

12. Antidepressant – Reduces Stress and anxiety

This natural adaptogenic can really contribute to reducing stress, anxiety and cure depression. Giloy normalizes the physiological functions of your mind and body. Replace your usual beverage with giloy tea for calming effects.

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