Benefits of Turmeric Milk You May Have Never Known

Remember the first remedy your naani maa suggested every time you took a fall and bruised your knee in your childhood? Haldi Doodh it was? I see you nodding your heads in affirmation to it! Turmeric milk has been the first line of treatment for all injuries between bruises and fractures, and why wouldn’t it be? Not only is there centuries of experience, but also scientific evidence to back turmeric milk benefits in various situations. Today, we are going to remind you of its uses and some of them might even come in as a surprise. So, let’s get started.

Ease Inflammation and Joint Pain

Be it from a recent injury or accident or prolonged muscle inflammation and joint pain, Turmeric milk is an amazing remedy to reduce pain and swelling in joints and muscles. The anti-inflammatory properties of golden milk not only act as the first line of treatment but it also reduces patients suffering due to arthritis and chronic diseases. When turmeric milk is made along with cinnamon and ginger, it works better than the pain pills that may lead to various side effects.

Lowers the Blood Sugar Level

It has been scientifically proven of late that turmeric milk with cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar levels drastically.

Turmeric milk and cinnamom reduces blood sugar level

Apart from dropping the levels of glucose in your blood, its regular consumption also reduces your body’s resistance to insulin just when you need it the most. Keep in mind, when you prepare your golden milk for blood sugar control, skip the sweetener like sugar, jaggery or honey that are usually a part of the recipe.

Strengthens your Heart

Here’s another golden benefit of golden milk. With the increasing rate of heart diseases and disorders in the world, all we need is a glass full of turmeric milk before bed time for a healthy heart less vulnerable to risk of heart diseases. Your regular practice to consume haldi milk will lower your total lipids, triglyceride and LDL levels while it boosts up your HDL levels to get just the right numbers on your next test report.

Take your turmeric milk recipe to the next level. Watch how to make turmeric milk latte:

Gives an Antioxidant Dose

Haldi milk is loaded with curcumin that is not only essential for proper functioning of your cells but also protects your body from free radical damage and carries out damage control to your cells. Oxidation not only harms our skin and hair but also can cause several severe damages such as premature aging, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and various types of cancers. Anti-oxidants also strengthen your body to ward off infections and illnesses.

Improve Brain Function and Boost Memory

Golden milk is surely a golden remedy that despite doing so much for your body, still has a lot more to offer. Milk is an essential part of a growing child’s and an aged person’s daily diet and there are various milk additives suggested and recommended for growing children as well as their grandparents but haldi doodh may not be a commonly heard option yet. Surprisingly, it is an excellent memory booster and it improves brain function that is beneficial for improving memory and reflexes, increasing the levels of neurotrophic factor that helps in connection formation in brain and improves brain cells growth that help in reducing the early onset of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other age-related brain function deterioration.

It is a Mood Enhancer

Who would relate the first-aid remedy from childhood to be a mood elevator? Scientists have revealed that the presence of curcumin in Haldi milk can reduce the signs of depression and boost your mood and energy.

Boy happy and charged

It is the best natural antidepressant and we’re glad it has always been a part of our culture. Along with boosting the brain-derived neurotrophic factor, Haldi milk can act as a mood enhancer and reduce signs of depression and despondency.

Check the Risk of Cancer and Tumor

There are studies that have revealed exponential turmeric milk benefits due to the combination of ingredients in it in reducing the risk of formation of cancers and carcinogenic tumors. Turmeric milk along with the regular cancer treatment lowers the speed of cancer cell growth. The addition of cinnamon and ginger to turmeric milk may have been scientifically proven to be anti-cancer but with several studies and research, significant improvement has been observed in several cases.

Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal

Turmeric milk is not only a popular winter drink in India but is also gaining a lot of popularity in the west owing to the fact that it boosts your immunity and prepares your body to fight against bacterial, viral as well as fungal infections. It is also a common home remedy for cold, flu and sinusitis. Not only does it prevent but also fights against infections. It strengthens your respiratory system and checks growth of infections in your respiratory tract.

Improves Digestion

If all the benefits listed above weren’t enough, here’s another one. Haldi doodh is also helpful to those with a weak digestive system. From chronic indigestion, dyspepsia, abdominal pain and stomach discomfort to disturbed and delayed bowel movement- golden milk gives speeding results. Furthermore, it reduces indigestion, digests fat faster, facilitating weight loss (without sugar) and boosts bile secretion.

Contributes to Strengthening of Bones

As turmeric milk is mostly made using cow’s milk, it provides the required Calcium and Vitamin D to your body and ensures your bones stay strong and healthy as you age. If golden milk is part of your regular diet, although dairy products in general are not, it ensures your body receives the nutrients it needs for the strong skeleton system through milk to prevent bone diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Blood Purification

We know how applying a turmeric face pack has helped us clear our skin in a jiffy. It’s time for some internal healing! Turmeric milk purifies your blood and improves blood circulation. It also removes all impurities from our blood vessels and lymphatic system, giving us purer, healthier blood that not only improves our overall system but also reflects the glow right on the skin.

Girl drinking turmeric milk and showcasing glowing skin

Menstrual Cycle Regulation

Haldi milk is a common home remedy for painful and irregular menstrual cycle and many mothers would swear by it and pass this tip to their daughters as a legacy. Not only its garam taseer eases the blood flow during a painful period but its regular consumption also helps in regulating your cycle so you aren’t greeted by unpleasant surprises every now and then.

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