Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes is a major epidemic that needs to be addressed quite seriously. In 2006, it was estimated that the total deaths from diabetes in India would increase by 35% in 10 years. With 32 million people already living with diabetes today, the number is poised to rise to 80 million by 2030. Although there are several medications for chronic illness that can help you control the symptoms of this deadly disease, the key is prevention.


If it’s too late for prevention, the next step is identifying the early symptoms as soon as possible so that one can begin corrective treatment immediately.

Here Are A Few Symptoms That Are Easy To Spot:

Excess hunger

Without sufficient insulin to move the sugar from your blood into the cells of your body, your muscles will feel depleted of energy, thus triggering intense hunger. If they are normal hunger pangs then you can satiate your stomach by having healthy snacks like upma or rava to reduce blood sugar.



Even though you’re consuming more food, the lowered insulin and resultant restriction of sugar entering the cells will leave you constantly feeling tired.


Thirst And Frequent Urination

The high sugar content in the blood will cause fluids to be pulled from tissues. This will leave you feeling dehydrated and increase thirst thus making you urinate more.


Dry Mouth And Itchy Skin

Because fluids are being drawn from tissues as a result of heightened blood sugar, there’s less moisture for other things. This may cause dehydration leading to itchy skin and a dry mouth.

Blurred Vision

The dehydration and fluid loss can also occur from the tissues around the eyes and lead to blurred vision. If this occurs, you should not waste any time and ask someone to drive you to a hospital immediately.


Weight Loss

Even with the increase in the number of calories consumed, the cells in your body do not absorb the sugars from food and it’s passed out of your body by frequent urination which is another symptom. This will result in sudden weight loss.


Yeast Infections

Yeast feeds on glucose and thrives in diabetics because of the heightened level of blood sugar. Both men and women are susceptible to infections and hence should be careful.


Slow-healing Sores Or Cuts

Elevated levels of blood sugar can affect the flow of blood and damage nerves thereby making it harder for your body to heal wounds.

As one of the fastest growing epidemics, especially in those over 45, it’s best to be aware of the symptoms that could possibly be lifesaving.

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