The Royal Diet: A Snapshot Of Kate Middleton’s Daily Meals

Kate Middleton is undeniably one of the most-watched women in the world. With cameras pointed at her almost 24/7, the pressure is on – yet the Duchess of Cambridge always looks stunning and effortless. 

Let’s take a look at some of Middleton’s best-kept diet and workout secrets. What does she eat? How did she lose all that post-pregnancy baby weight? And was Middleton ever ‘too skinny’? We answer those questions and more below!

Who Is Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton is the current Duchess of Cambridge and a potential future Queen of England. She is married to Prince William, who is second in line to the throne. Middleton is also the mum of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, who are third to fifth in line respectively.

As the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate spends most of her time appearing at official royal events or doing charity work. She is also considered a style icon and positive role model for young women – as well as being one of the most “relatable” royals. 

Kate Middleton (pictured) is undeniably one of the most-watched women in the world.

Kate Middleton’s Diet

As is royal protocol, Kate Middleton doesn’t share a lot of details about her personal life, including what her diet and workout routine are like. However, we do have some insight into what she eats and does to stay fit – thanks to interviews and sources close to the royal family. 

What Does Kate Middleton Eat?

According to some reports, Kate eats pretty clean – and it shows! The Duchess of Cambridge’s diet consists of a lot of healthy food like fruits and veggies. She gets even more nutrients and antioxidants through daily power smoothies, with ingredients like spinach, kale, lettuce, matcha, and blueberries.

Middleton also likes raw food such as ceviche and salads as it’s much better for her skin while also having weight loss benefits as well. For family dinners, Kate loves to cook indulgent dishes. Yes, the Duchess is hands-on in the kitchen! Her fave recipes include curry, soup, and Prince William’s favourite roast chicken.

Kate also allegedly tried out the ‘Dukan Diet’ in preparation for her wedding. This high-protein, low-carb approach to food is supposedly quite effective for shedding the pounds and achieving a skinny/slim body. It involves several days of eating only protein while introducing other food groups in ‘phases’. By the end of the program, you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet of protein, veggies, fruits, and carbs. Plus, it even allows for a couple of cheat days, so it’s quite sustainable too!

Did Kate Middleton Have An Eating Disorder?

The Duchess of Cambridge has always had a thin frame, but speculations about an eating disorder flared up after fans and royal watchers noticed that she was thinner than usual. She gave birth to her third child in April 2018, so Kate Middleton’s weight loss in late 2018/early 2019 was very noticeable.

What’s more, Kate’s diet appears to be grounded and balanced, so she seems to have a healthy relationship with food. It’s highly likely that her slim legs and small waist are simply the result of good genetics.

Is It Safe To Try Out Kate Middleton’s Diet For Yourself?

Kate Middleton’s diet is much more sustainable and realistic compared to the extreme celebrity diets we’ve seen. Instead of depriving herself of certain kinds of food, the Duchess focuses on eating healthy and nutritious meals. Everyone could benefit from more fruits and vegetables while still allowing for room to indulge in comfort food.

But if you want to try the ‘Dukan Diet’, you might need to tread carefully. While it has a lot of anecdotal evidence and positive testimonials, there’s actually no research confirming its alleged benefits. Experts agree that cutting out food groups results in an unbalanced diet.

Plus, sticking to such a strict diet with limited ingredients can be difficult to follow for the average person. A lot of the ‘approved’ Dukan Diet food may be expensive as well. Before taking on the Dukan Diet, or any other fad diet, consult with your doctor first!

Kate Middleton’s Exercise Routine

While we don’t have a lot of pictures of Kate Middleton working out, we do know that fitness is important to England’s future Queen. Kate used to play a lot of sports (skiing, hockey, running, tennis) when she was younger, and she still finds the time to squeeze in a workout in her busy royal schedule.

Her gym routine includes cardio, interval training, bodyweight exercises, rowing and cycling, and yoga. After giving birth, Middleton followed the Busy Mums Fitness postnatal fitness program to shed the baby weight.

Oh, and another thing that keeps her fit? Running around and playing with her three young children!

Diet Worthy Of A Royal

In a sea of detoxes, cleanses, and other extreme diets, Kate Middleton’s healthy food plan is a breath of fresh air. Eating like Kate will likely whip you into shape and help you lose a few kilos, but don’t forget that her genetics plays a huge factor in her appearance as well.

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