Soaked almonds vs. raw almonds: What is better?

01/9​ Soaked almonds versus raw almonds: What is better?

Have you heard people saying that eating overnight soaked almonds is better than eating raw almonds or vice-a-versa? We are sure you must have. Does it leave you confused? If yes, read ahead.

Crunchy to eat and rich in protein, fibre and omega 3, almonds are the favourite nuts of many. The good thing is that most people are aware of the health benefits of almonds and include it in their daily diet.

But not many of us know that soaking almonds increases the amount of nutrients and vitamins absorbed by our body as compared to when we eat raw almonds.

02/9​ Soaked almonds vs. raw almonds

Choosing between soaked and raw almonds is not just a matter of taste, but, picking the healthier option. Soaked almonds are better because the peel of almond contains tannin, which inhibits nutrient absorption. Soaking the almonds makes it easy to take off the peel, which allows the nuts to release all the nutrients easily.

Soaked almonds are softer and easier to digest, which again helps in the absorption of nutrients in a better manner. Soaking almonds for five to six hours is enough but many prefer soaking them overnight, which is also okay.

03/9​ The right way to soak almonds

Take a cup of water and soak a handful of almonds in it. Cover the cup and let the almonds get soaked for six to eight hours. Next morning, drain the water, peel off the skin and have them fresh. You can also keep them in a plastic container, which will make them last for about a week.

04/9​ Nutrients in almonds

Almonds are rich in various nutrients like vitamin E, dietary fibres, omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids and protein. It is because of the rich nutrient profile that almonds are considered to be a superfood.

The protein in them helps in keeping you fuller for longer and the manganese in it helps strengthen your bones and regulate blood sugar. They are extremely beneficial for people with blood pressure problems and help with muscle and nerve function.

05/9​ Other benefits of soaked almonds

Good for digestion

Soaked almonds help in releasing enzymes, called lipase that helps in digestion of fats.

06/9 ​Helps in weight loss

We all know almonds make for one of the most healthy mid-meal snacks. The monosaturated fats in almonds curb your appetite and keep you fuller. Munching on them can help you avoid binge eating and make you lose weight.

07/9 ​Good for heart

Almonds help to keep your heart healthy by reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing the good cholesterol (HDL).

08/9 ​Rich in antioxidants

Vitamin E in almonds works as an antioxidant that inhibits the free radical damage that prevents ageing and inflammation.

09/9​ More benefits…

Almonds help in fighting cancer as they are rich in Vitamin B17, which is vital for fighting cancer. The flavonoid present in almonds can help suppress tumour growth. Not just this, almonds also help in regulating blood sugar and blood pressure. Folic acid in almonds also helps in reducing birth defects.

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