Biceps Blaster for Beginners

This is one of the basic workout routines you would want to do. Everyone loves having a good and big biceps it gives strength to lift other things as well especially for pulling something so it’s better to train your arm every week.

Let’s start with this biceps blaster which will amaze the beginners.

Let’s hit it!!

Warm-up: Pushups, close grip pull-ups and 10 reps with light weight.

Sets: 3, Reps: 12-10-8, Rest time: 30-60 sec, Exercise: 6


Pick up the weight as per your strength which can perform 12 reps at first. You can increase or decrease the weight and also change the number of reps in each set. This is the killer workout hence going slow at the top will give a better shape and will make your biceps longer as well. Going slow and steady is the key here.


This is the strength builder exercise. Control is necessary here and this exercise with strict movement with give you bigger biceps. Pick up the barbell, put weight as per the strength and again go slow but don’t get your shoulder fully involved in it. All you have to do is lock your elbow and pull the barbell up till you get a full contraction. Remember, squeeze and contraction is necessary here.


Hammer curl is the best exercise to build big biceps and in bonus, you will work on forearms as well. You can perform this on the machine as well. All you need to do here is, pull up the weight slowly and slowly let it go down. Elbows should be locked otherwise it will not hit the biceps. Try to hold it for 5-10 seconds up, it will hit the muscle more.


Here on preacher, you will fully concentrate on biceps and with restriction. Put the weight as per your strength and remember, weight should be less and this will build the better ball shape of biceps. Here, you should go slowly while dropping the weights otherwise you may injure yourself.


This will work on shaping the biceps long with building strength and endurance as well. Just pick up the weight and try to perform in good shape, it will surely show the result with time. Contract action at the top is important, just lock your elbows and move slightly forward towards shoulders so you will get a better range of motion.


This is the best exercise to give a great aesthetic look on biceps. Which works on the upper portion of biceps? It is done at finisher because it provides the strength which you need to increase the performance as well. Here you don’t need to involve your shoulder. Just go rest your elbow on the side of your knee and perform the curl with proper form.

Build those muscles pumped up and impress your women 😉.

We will upload this workout routine in next update. You can follow that.

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