5 dreams that can predict signs of troubled health

01/7 Saw something scary in your dream?

Dreams can mean and signify a lot many different things. It can be about the place you want to be at, a life you desire of, or often, take a scary turn and give rise to nightmares. But, have you ever thought if dreams can hold a key to your health?

02/7 Why dreaming is important

Dreaming is a necessary function that helps incorporate memories and attends to our emotional well-being too. However, there are certain ones, or rather, the most unusual ones, which experts say also serve the purpose of drawing attention to our health. From recurring to vivid visuals, dreams are not as simple as they seem and can indicate a lot more!

Here are some of the most common dreams which indicate there is something concerning about your health:Here are some of the most common dreams which indicate there is something concerning about your health:

03/7 Dreaming of an animal

It is said that dreaming of animals when you go to sleep can mean contradictory things-both good and bad, depending on where you are in your life. If you are going through something stressful, visualising an animal, such as a snake in your surrounding can mean that there is something on your mind which requires attention or you feel helpless. However, there are also supportive facts that say that dreaming of animals can also mean a time of healing and positivity coming your way and signal a transformation.

04/7 Dreaming that your teeth are falling out

Anxiety is most commonly represented by nervousness, panic-induced behaviour and chattering of teeth. For those who dream of such a jarring dream, experts believe that the subconscious state is an extension of your anxiety acting up. Pent up anxiety and the nerves can come up in the form of a dream. It can be a subtle sign of you wanting to attend to a situation, ‘bite’ into difficult situations, especially during testing and transitioning times.

05/7 Dreaming something luxurious

There can be many different causes associated with this one. But health-wise, if you have been seeing dreams one too many of attending elaborate banquets, belonging to a place which you know, reality wise is almost impossible for you, it points to a gap between the desired and the reality. It can also be common for those who are following a rigorous diet and seeing such dreams are a way for you to make up for those missing meals.

06/7 Dreaming that someone attacks you

Seeing a dream or a visual where you feel someone is attacking you is not just scary, but it also can be one of the early signs associated with forms of brain degeneration. Stressful dreams-the ones where someone is attacking you or chasing you down into the oblivion has been also been found to be more commonly seen in patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or nerve disorders. It can also often act as an early sign, appearing up to 10 years before the other commonly seen symptoms of brain slowness.

07/7 Dreams that wake you up early

Have you ever experienced a dreadful dream that wakes you up and forces you to sit down on the bed, all sweating? If yes, then it might be a result of the big meal you ate before snoozing of. Eating fatty meals, undergoing stressful situations, can build up the pressure in the digestive system which is where the trouble begins. Large meals also take a longer time to digest, meaning that the chances of getting heartburn are higher. This, in turn, often leads to uneasiness, makes you restless and fuels you up in your sleeping hours. This is another important reason for you to keep your dinners light and maintain a gap before you sleep.

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