Wrapping food items in newspaper can cause cancer, warns government

01/5 Food wrapped in newspaper is dangerous

The real fun of eating on the street is to share the same paper plate filled with deep-fried snacks with friends and dipping pakoras and samosas in the paper plate overflowing with chutney. While we all love doing this, we are not aware of the fact that such paper plates are a free invitation to various health issues. Read this piece of information to know more about it and how it can be controlled.

02/5 Wrapping food in newspaper is bad

The release strictly prohibits the use of such material by eateries, as they cause health issues due to chemical and microbiological contamination. The release said that eatables such as vada, bonda, pakoda, bajji, cooked fish, meat items when packed in newspapers and plastic covers become toxic and should not be consumed for obvious reason.

03/5 What FSSAI says?

According to recent release issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) the printing ink contains cancer-causing agents that can cause severe health issues. Once warm food is placed under newspaper, the printed ink melts and exposes the human body to various health problems.

04/5 Even aluminium foil is bad

According to experts; food wrapped in aluminium foil has more illness-causing bacteria. Bacteria like Staph and Bacillus Cereus which cause foodborne illnesses, actually produce toxins when heated and more importantly, they don’t get destroyed. When you cover the food with aluminium foil, it doesn’t seal your food properly and these bacteria get constant air to grow faster.

05/5 What’s the solution?

It is advisable to serve food in stainless steel, dry leaves, or glass vessel to keep it free from germs and bacteria. In case any street vendor sells food in newspaper there are official WhatsApp numbers on which people can lodge a complaint.

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