Top 14 home remedies to beat fatigue and tiredness

Here are some quick, safe and effective home remedies to relieve fatigue and re-energize you, mentally and physically.

It s quite common to feel exhausted after a long day s work. The constant feeling of tiredness not only strains your mental energy but also drains you physically. Although there might be many causes of fatigue, here are some quick fixes to fight against fatigue and revitalize your energy levels.

Spices: Not many are aware that common kitchen ingredients can come to your rescue in relieving fatigue naturally. 

Steps to prepare Take one small cup of long pepper, half a cup of black pepper and dried ginger each, one-fourth cup of cumin seeds, ajwain, cloves, cardamom, triphala and cinnamon leaves. Roast these separately, powder them and add required amount of honey to make a paste. Consume half a teaspoon of it for 40 days to beat fatigue.

Dates: One of the most effective and easily available natural aids to relieve fatigue is to consume dates regularly. Soak five to seven dates in half a cup of water in the night and crush the pulp (remove seeds) in the morning. Drink this solution at least two times a week to get rid of fatigue. You can also snack on dates along with a glass of milk to beat fatigue and revitalize yourself.

Masala chai: A hot cup of masala chai has the power to pack a powerful punch on your long day s stress and fatigue. Known to be the best natural remedy to uplift your mood and revitalize your mind and body, the tannins present in this beverage are key active compounds that do the task. Apart from acting as a potent stimulant, masala chai renders numerous health benefits.

Herbal remedies: There are herbal remedies that are known to beat fatigue and refresh your brain and body. Aloe vera gel and drumstick leaves are the commonly used ones. Boil two teaspoon of drumstick leaves in a cup of milk, strain and drink this solution to get relief from fatigue. Another way is to take half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel with a pinch of turmeric powder.

Exercise: You can kick-off stress and tiredness with simple daily exercises. Regular physical activity not only relieves tension, it renews energy and induces sleep. There is no need to perform strenuous exercises, simple practices like brisk walking, cycling, gardening and playing any sport relieves fatigue and improves your overall health.

Head massage: A head massage can do wonders in relieving fatigue and rejuvenating your senses. Just add a few drops of hair oil over your head and slowly start massaging. It increases blood circulation, instils calmness and stillness of the mind.

Hot and cold bath: In case you are suffering from fatigue, you should take a quick bath with hot and cold water simultaneously. This is because, use of hot and cold water alternatively stimulates the muscle activity and improves blood circulation thereby combating stress and fatigue. You can also try soaking your feet in hot water tub and gently massaging your feet, as a quick fix to relax your mind and body.

Cereals: People suffering from fatigue should eat foods that are nutritious in nature and supply energy to the body. Hence, include foods such wheat, oats, corn, rye and barely seeds in your meal plan to reap their benefits.

B-complex vitamins and minerals: Consume foods rich in B-complex vitamins and minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium and zinc) as they help in improving blood circulation and maintaining overall well being. Apart from these, people suffering from fatigue are advised to stay away from junk foods, fried foods and caffeinated beverages.

Iron-rich foods: One of the main reasons for feeling stressed out and low is deficiency of iron in the body. Hence, it is advised to consume foods rich in iron to improve your blood circulation and combat fatigue. However, one should keep in mind to include foods rich in vitamin C in their diet as it aids in the absorption of iron in the body.

Sufficient rest: The best and most effective way to fight fatigue is to get sufficient sleep and take small breaks during your work hours. This can be achieved by carefully planning your day at home or office.

Sleep well: The lack of proper sleep is one of the key reasons for constant fatigue. It is important to get enough sleep as getting a 7-hour sleep is keeps you fresh and energetic. A good nigh’s sleep minimize your stress levels, activates your brain and improves functioning of various hormones in the body.

Power naps: It might be very stressful for some to spend 9-hours at work and constantly work under pressure. This in long run takes a toll on your health leading to fatigue. Hence, taking power naps for 10-15 minutes in between work hours is essential to refresh your mind and stay active all round the day.

Yoga: We all know that laughter is the best medicine to fight stress and fatigue, it also makes you happy. That is why, people with fatigue and stress are advised to take laughter yoga, a unique exercise which combines yogic breathing (pranayama) with unconditional laughter. Other yoga asanas that play a key role in lowering your stress levels and combating fatigue include trikonasana, paschimotasana and uttanasana.

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